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RoughRider Wheelchair Questions

My RoughRider is broken. How do I get it repaired?

The only parts of your RoughRider that cannot be locally repaired or replaced are the caster wheels which you can order directly from RoughRider America, our sales agent. The bearings can be purchased online or at an automotive store; Tires and spokes and rims can be purchased from a bicycle shop. The hub is a special wheelchair hub and should be used when building a new wheel. A bicycle or wheelchair repair shop can replace any of the rear wheel parts. All other nuts and bolts can be purchased either from a local hardware store or online. Be sure to check the parts specifications on our website before purchasing.

Does Whirlwind offer a warranty in the USA?

The RoughRider comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. We will replace or repair at our discretion. The warranty does not include rear tires and inner tubes.  It does include the caster wheels.

Is it possible to return my RoughRider for a refund?

Returns for refunds are allowed only if the box has not been opened. We will refund the purchase price minus the shipping and handling.  You will be responsible for shipping back to us.

The following options are available for open box chairs:

  1. We can list your chair on our website for free for you to sell to a third party. Our only role will be to list the chair on our resale page.
  2. We would donate the chair to a local, state or national park for use by the general public, in which case we would refund the purchase price minus the shipping and handling charges.

Is it possible to exchange my RoughRider?

If you order the wrong size, we can sell you a replacement x-brace with upholstery.

How do I assemble my RoughRider?

Are there printable instructions for assembly?

Yes. Available in PDF format.

RoughRider Assembly Instructions 2018



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Customizing and Ordering My Roughrider

Seat Width

To find the distance between your hips, first position yourself seated with pelvis upright on a firm surface. Then, measure the distance between the widest points of the hips and thighs without compressing any tissue. Finally, record your measurements. It is important not to have a chair that is wider than necessary as it will be harder to push and may prevent you from passing through narrow doorways.

Seat Depth

Position yourself seated upright on a firm surface. Measure the length of your upper leg, the distance from behind the knee to the back of the pelvis (back of your lower leg). Subtract 1/2” to find the maximum seat depth, to allow for space between the back of the knee/upper leg and seat fabric. Record the final measurement.

Backrest Height

Your preferred backrest height is determined by your personal comfort level and physical ability. Whirlwind recommends, generally, that the top of the back support should fall just beneath the bottom of the shoulder blade. For less active riders who require more torso support, the back support should be higher, falling just beneath the armpit. Position yourself seated upright on a firm surface. Hold your hands flat against the surface you are sitting on. Measure the distance from the seated surface to the desired, most comfortable point for support on your back. To this number add the height of your cushion when you are sitting on it. Record the measurement.

Preferred Backrest Angle

Backrest angles are determined by the torso control of the rider. Whirlwind recommends that those with less torso control, such as quadriplegics, sit with a backrest angled further backwards to avoid falling forward in a wheelchair. Those with more torso control, such as amputees, can sit with the backrest more upright. Proper backrest angle is best determined by an occupational therapist or healthcare professional. Although there is only one option – 8 degrees – in the drop-down list below, you can adjust the backrest angle by adjusting the backrest straps (i.e. looser at the bottom and tighter at the top for a more erect position).

Now please enter your measurements into the fields on the product page before ordering. For more information about measuring, please refer to the RoughRider Fitting Sheet. You are responsible for choosing the right chair for yourself. If you are uncomfortable with determining your wheelchair size, please consult a professional.