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RoughRider America’s mission to serve wheelchair riders in the developing world with excellent rugged wheelchairs is simply not possible without partnerships with wheelchair purchasers. RoughRider America gives our partners a substantial discount so that their procurement funds can serve as many wheelchair riders as possible with chairs that are proven to last and perform well in rough conditions.

We have extensive experience providing wheelchairs in over 35 countries and we are happy to assist you with the details of your project from local partner selection, to rider measurement and assessment, to logistics, to wheelchair fitting and follow-up, and measurement of quality of life improvements.

Our painstaking quality certification gives us confidence in every member of our network of regional manufacturers and is capable of providing the best of rugged and durable wheelchairs. These regional locations will cut down your shipping costs, delivery times, and the carbon footprint of your activities. At the same time, your organization will be contributing to economic development in the region. Read more about our Global Production Network.

Each wheelchair will come customized with your organization’s choice of color and logo, a user manual, a cushion*, and a multi-tool and tire repair kit with a pump.

An extensive user manual in the local language** is provided with each chair so that riders will be empowered with safety, self-care, repair, and other useful information. We are available to consult with you on your project and provide a price quote. Below please find the Price Quote form to get started!

Design improvements in the RoughRider model increased the number of wheelchairs per container by 44% and increased the chair’s adjustability for a wider range of body sizes. For projects shipping bulky wheelchairs to remote locations, this creates substantial savings on shipping and opens the possibility of serving many more riders with the same amount of funding. Three hundred and fifty individuals boxed RoughRiders will fit into a 40′ HC container. Our standard method of shipping wheelchairs with wheels off adds only 5 minutes to the wheelchair provision process.

Please note: RoughRider does not provide any training on wheelchair provision according to the WHO Guidelines.



*Each RoughRider comes with a Pressure Relief Cushion to serve riders with sensation problems resulting from Spinal Cord Injuries and other conditions.

*The RoughRider User Manual is currently available in many languages via downloadable .pdf documents for easy printing.

***For preparing the size mix of your order the Wheelchair Rider Assessment Form for the RoughRider is helpful for assessing users.



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Large Volume Orders





Customizing and Ordering My Roughrider

Seat Width

To find the distance between your hips, first position yourself seated with pelvis upright on a firm surface. Then, measure the distance between the widest points of the hips and thighs without compressing any tissue. Finally, record your measurements. It is important not to have a chair that is wider than necessary as it will be harder to push and may prevent you from passing through narrow doorways.

Seat Depth

Position yourself seated upright on a firm surface. Measure the length of your upper leg, the distance from behind the knee to the back of the pelvis (back of your lower leg). Subtract 1/2” to find the maximum seat depth, to allow for space between the back of the knee/upper leg and seat fabric. Record the final measurement.

Backrest Height

Your preferred backrest height is determined by your personal comfort level and physical ability. Whirlwind recommends, generally, that the top of the back support should fall just beneath the bottom of the shoulder blade. For less active riders who require more torso support, the back support should be higher, falling just beneath the armpit. Position yourself seated upright on a firm surface. Hold your hands flat against the surface you are sitting on. Measure the distance from the seated surface to the desired, most comfortable point for support on your back. To this number add the height of your cushion when you are sitting on it. Record the measurement.

Preferred Backrest Angle

Backrest angles are determined by the torso control of the rider. Whirlwind recommends that those with less torso control, such as quadriplegics, sit with a backrest angled further backwards to avoid falling forward in a wheelchair. Those with more torso control, such as amputees, can sit with the backrest more upright. Proper backrest angle is best determined by an occupational therapist or healthcare professional. Although there is only one option – 8 degrees – in the drop-down list below, you can adjust the backrest angle by adjusting the backrest straps (i.e. looser at the bottom and tighter at the top for a more erect position).

Now please enter your measurements into the fields on the product page before ordering. For more information about measuring, please refer to the RoughRider Fitting Sheet. You are responsible for choosing the right chair for yourself. If you are uncomfortable with determining your wheelchair size, please consult a professional.