Wheelchair Safety

Safety In Stability

Tipping forward is the most common cause of injury for wheelchair riders in the US. In developing countries, poor or unpaved roads make the problem worse. Whirlwind takes safety very seriously.

Our ultra-stable long wheelbase design almost eliminates the risk of falling forward, even while rolling off of curbs without ramps.

Safety In Fit

Even a well-designed wheelchair must be properly fitted to the rider, which can best be done by a trained care provider, to ensure the chair is fitted to the rider's body size and adjusted properly to provide critical postural support. Secondary injury from a poorly fitted or broken wheelchair can have extreme negative health side effects for the user. New spinal deformities can arise from long hours seated in a chair that does not support the contour of the spine. Joint problems can result from poor ergonomics, which can leave the rider unable to move independently.

Also, new limb distortions often result in ill-fitting chairs. Whirlwind provides users with individually fitted wheelchairs with multiple widths and back support heights. Whirlwind supports wheelchair providers with a service delivery manual, referrals to local partners and a user's manual to guide the chair provider with the correct fitting information for wheelchair users.