1. SIX (6) YEARS

RoughRider America warrants the wheelchair frame against defects in materials and workmanship for 6 years. 


  1. ONE (1) YEAR

1.Subject to the Limitations and Exclusions below, RoughRider America warrants all RoughRider America–branded wheelchair components against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. A replacement product or part that has been installed in accordance with RoughRider America’s instructions assumes the remaining warranty of the original product or 90 days from the date of repair or replacement, whichever is longer. 

  1. All other products sold by RoughRider America are subject only to the warranties of their  respective manufacturers and distributors. 


  2. This warranty excludes tires and tubes, upholstery (other than tension adjustable back straps) cushion, push handle grips, and any labor or shipping charges incurred in replacement part installation or repair of the product except for defects in workmanship or materials. 


  1. This warranty does not cover the following, as determined by RoughRider America in its sole discretion:
  2. damage arising from normal wear and tear or from other circumstances beyond RoughRider America’s control; or
  3. damage to tension adjustable back straps and upholstery due to punctures, tears or burns; or
  4. damage caused by any modifications made to the wheelchair without RoughRider America’s express written consent, including, without limitation, modifications through the use of unauthorized parts or attachments.


  1. This warranty is VOID if RoughRider America, in its sole discretion, determines that:
  2. the original RoughRider America serial number tag has been removed, altered or defaced; or
  3. the product has been subjected to negligence, accident, improper maintenance, storage or operation as required by the RoughRider or Aurora User Manuals, commercial or institutional use, misuse or abuse, including, but not limited to, exceeding the maximum weight limit (250 lbs for the Aurora and 220 lbs for the RoughRider) of the product or using the product with tie downs or locking, clamping or other restraint systems related to the use of a wheelchair in a motor vehicle; or
  4. the wheelchair has been damaged by improper repairs or repairs made without the express written consent of RoughRider America.

NOTE: The RoughRider and the Aurora are indoor-outdoor rough terrain wheelchairs but are not meant to replace dedicated all-terrain wheelchairs.


  1. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser/user of the chair and is non-transferable.


  1. RoughRider America’s policy is to honor warranties and to perform services only on products purchased from authorized RoughRider America Dealers in the USA or RoughRider America International Distributors. If you purchase a RoughRider America product from an unauthorized RoughRider America Dealer, International Distributor, or individual, or if you reside outside the USA and you purchase a RoughRider America product from anyone other than the

authorized RoughRider America International Distributor for your country of residence, your warranty will not be valid.



RoughRider America’s sole obligation, and your exclusive remedy, under any warranty is to repair or replace, in our sole discretion, the covered components of the wheelchair.



If your product requires warranty service, please contact an authorized RoughRider America Dealer in the USA or an authorized RoughRider America International Distributor. In the event of a defect in material or workmanship, the Dealer or Distributor must obtain a return

authorization (RA) number from RoughRider America, and RoughRider America issues RA numbers only to authorized RoughRider America Dealers and Distributors. If you do not receive satisfactory service, please write to RoughRider America Customer Service at 2233 California St. Berkeley, CA 94703 USA or email cst@roughrideramerica.com.

Do not return products to us without our prior consent. Returns must be shipped with freight prepaid. RoughRider America recommends that you insure the product for its full replacement cost.



This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other legal rights that vary from state to state. The foregoing express warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, whether written or oral, express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The sole remedy for violations of any warranty whatsoever

shall be limited to repair or replacement of the defective product pursuant to the terms contained herein. No warranty, express or implied, shall extend beyond the terms of the warranties provided above. RoughRider America shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages whatsoever, and in no event shall damages for breach of any warranty exceed the original cost of the product. No person is authorized to alter or extend the foregoing express warranty or to waive any of the limitations or exclusions.


RoughRider America seeks to provide high quality, highly usable wheelchairs at the lowest possible price. We therefore discourage returns because we are unable to sell an open box product as new. It is incumbent upon the purchaser to ensure the correct measurements of the person who will be using the wheelchair and to order the wheelchair size that best fits that person. In certain circumstances at our sole discretion, we will agree to refund the price of the chair minus the shipping and handling provided the chair is donated to a nonprofit agency such as a national or state park where disabled visitors might need to use a rough terrain wheelchair. You must first contact RoughRider America to get approval for the donation. Transportation to the donee nonprofit will be the responsibility of the customer. In the alternative, you may ask us to list the wheelchair on our website for resale. Our sole responsibility will be to list the wheelchair. The entire transaction will take place between the seller and the buyer. 


Customizing and Ordering My Roughrider

Seat Width

To find the distance between your hips, first position yourself seated with pelvis upright on a firm surface. Then, measure the distance between the widest points of the hips and thighs without compressing any tissue. Finally, record your measurements. It is important not to have a chair that is wider than necessary as it will be harder to push and may prevent you from passing through narrow doorways.

Seat Depth

Position yourself seated upright on a firm surface. Measure the length of your upper leg, the distance from behind the knee to the back of the pelvis (back of your lower leg). Subtract 1/2” to find the maximum seat depth, to allow for space between the back of the knee/upper leg and seat fabric. Record the final measurement.

Backrest Height

Your preferred backrest height is determined by your personal comfort level and physical ability. Whirlwind recommends, generally, that the top of the back support should fall just beneath the bottom of the shoulder blade. For less active riders who require more torso support, the back support should be higher, falling just beneath the armpit. Position yourself seated upright on a firm surface. Hold your hands flat against the surface you are sitting on. Measure the distance from the seated surface to the desired, most comfortable point for support on your back. To this number add the height of your cushion when you are sitting on it. Record the measurement.

Preferred Backrest Angle

Backrest angles are determined by the torso control of the rider. Whirlwind recommends that those with less torso control, such as quadriplegics, sit with a backrest angled further backwards to avoid falling forward in a wheelchair. Those with more torso control, such as amputees, can sit with the backrest more upright. Proper backrest angle is best determined by an occupational therapist or healthcare professional. Although there is only one option – 8 degrees – in the drop-down list below, you can adjust the backrest angle by adjusting the backrest straps (i.e. looser at the bottom and tighter at the top for a more erect position).

Now please enter your measurements into the fields on the product page before ordering. For more information about measuring, please refer to the RoughRider Fitting Sheet. You are responsible for choosing the right chair for yourself. If you are uncomfortable with determining your wheelchair size, please consult a professional.